Taiwan’s New ICO Rules Expected by June 2019

The Taipei Times reported this week that a draft proposal for ... Chairman Wellington Koo made the announcement in remarks to the Legislative Yuan’s Finance Committee earlier in the week. The FSC Chai... ( read original story ...)

2018 Asia Super Team Announces the Winner

AnyMind Group from Indonesia as 2018 Asia Super Team Winner with grand prize worth of US$50,000 prize TAIPEI, Taiwan, Nov. 1, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Organized by Taiwan's Bureau of Foreign Trade and ... ( read original story ...)

Taiwan Regulation to Legitimize ICO Fundraising

However, recent events indicate that Taiwan may be nearing a formal declaration about ICO law, one which could establish the ICO market as a unique sector within Taiwanese finance. The Financial Super... ( read original story ...)

Taiwan financial system stable — Moody’s

The steady economic outlook, along with sound corporate finances and government cooperation, will be important in helping lift Taiwan’s banking sector, according to Moody’s Investors Service in a repo... ( read original story ...)

Breathing Houses, Taipei

Linkou is one of a series of new towns being developed along the route of a new high speed rail link from the airport to Taipei city centre. The site for this project is located on a bluff at the edge ... ( read original story ...)