Taiwan, Japan sign two MOUs at economic and trade conference

medical exchanges and intellectual property rights. On the controversial issue of lifting the ban on food products from five radiation-affected prefectures in Japan, Lin Ching-hung (林慶鴻), deputy secretary-general of the Taiwan-Japan Relations ... ( read original story ...)

Abroad, intellectual property rights are under assault

Even Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs recognized the danger ... American companies raises serious concerns and threaten to undermine the intellectual property rights of American companies. The Trump administration must take appropriate action ... ( read original story ...)

Chinese yuan deposits in Taiwan hit 19-month high

Other investors tended to raise their yuan assets in a bid to buy property in China and boost their wealth portfolios, the central bank said, adding that the rising holdings by the DBUs helped Taiwan's yuan deposits grow at a stable pace. Meanwhile ... ( read original story ...)

Fluid Mirror interior in Taipei

Incorporating themselves into the pleasing view of a waterfront residence, the undulate waters with ripples therein pass through the semi-circular surrounding windows and become part of the vicissitudes of your daily life. Inspired by the murmuring waters ... ( read original story ...)