China-Taiwan trade pact fails to deliver

Items covered by this deal accounted for 21.6% of Taiwan's exports to China in 2019, according to the Taiwanese Finance Ministry, resulting in $900 million in savings. "Tariffs of around 12% on fruit ... ( read original story ...)

Taiwan looks to tighten investment rules for China

Taiwan is looking to tighten regulation of Chinese investment in its companies over fears that Beijing could obtain access to sensitive data and technologies. The government is compiling an “inventory ... ( read original story ...)

Bolton’s book, actions do not match

US president Barack Obama’s director of national intelligence, James Clapper, told the US Senate Intelligence Committee that, considering both its capabilities and intent, communist China presented ... ( read original story ...)

Militants kill 6 in Karachi attack

Militants yesterday attacked the stock exchange in the Pakistani city of Karachi, killing at least six people — four security guards, a policeman and a bystander, police said. Special police forces ... ( read original story ...)