Taiwan same-sex marriage protests

In Taiwan tens of thousands of people have been protesting against the government's decision to look into the possibility of legalising gay marriage. Another, much smaller, protest nearby was attended by people supporting the bill's approval. The bill ... ( read original story ...)

Taiwan’s ‘forest bus’ charms passengers

The ordinary single-deck city bus has been converted into a travelling green house decorated with orchids, ginger lilies and a variety of ferns is running on a special route through Taipei, with stops including an art museum, a popular temple and a night ... ( read original story ...)

From Heavy Metal Frontman to Taiwan’s Parliament

TAIPEI, Taiwan — In a land renowned for its singalong pop songs and bubble milk tea, Freddy Lim has always been something of a black sheep. A prominent figure in Taiwan’s underground music circles, Mr. Lim, 41, was until recently best known as the head ... ( read original story ...)

WHO must include Taiwan to be prepared for an influenza pandemic

Dr. Chen Shih-chung is Taiwan’s Minister of Health and Welfare. Disease knows no borders. Only by working together, leaving no one out, can we adequately address the challenges of emerging infectious diseases which have been made all the more complex by ... ( read original story ...)