Taiwan appoints new premier amid tense China relations

Taiwan's president on Tuesday appointed a new premier seen as willing to reach out to rival China amid ongoing tense relations between the two sides. President Tsai Ing-wen on Tuesday named William Lai to head up the government following the resignation ... ( read original story ...)

Taiwan appoints new premier to drive reform efforts

TAIPEI (Reuters) - Taiwan has appointed as premier William Lai, the mayor of its southern city of Tainan, President Tsai Ing-wen said on Tuesday, as she moved to shore up declining public support. A reshuffle to replace the premier had been anticipated for ... ( read original story ...)

Tsai Names Rising Star in Taiwan as Premier Ahead of 2018 Vote

President Tsai Ing-wen named a popular southern Taiwan mayor to lead her government, as she seeks to rebuild support ahead of next year’s local elections. Tsai on Tuesday appointed Tainan Mayor William Lai to take over as premier, a day after Lin Chuan ... ( read original story ...)

Taiwan’s Cities Get Smart: Embracing Internet of Things

The Taiwan economy is performing respectably this year on the ... The government is currently accepting bids for a new round of smart-city project applications, with the winners to receive government funding for their initiatives. The bidders might ... ( read original story ...)

Explore Taipei by Boat, Bus and Bicycle

If you fancy a chance to explore Taipei, don’t let Taipei’s traffic congestion limit you to the MRT! Check out the city’s boats, buses and bicycles for some awesome places to visit in Taipei City. Escape the traffic: Explore Taipei on its boats ... ( read original story ...)