Taiwan Seeing Decline in University Students from China

The number of short-term university students from China has declined in Taiwan this academic year in what some fear is retaliation by Beijing against a president who takes a guarded view toward relations. The number of university students from China to ... ( read original story ...)

Taiwan not South China Sea could trigger war with China

THE chance of a major war breaking out in the Asian Pacific between the super powers remains a latent possibility. Instead there’s one main trigger point for conflict — Taiwan. Recent strategic shocks in the region show that the chance of military ... ( read original story ...)

Taiwan parliamentary delegation visits India, China sees red

NEW DELHI: Two days after a parliamentary delegation from Taiwan visited India, China lodged a diplomatic protest with New Delhi asking it to deal "prudently" with Taipei-related issues so as to maintain sound Sino-Indian ties. That this might happen was ... ( read original story ...)

Tour bus crashes in Taiwan, killing at least 32

TAIPEI At least 32 people were killed when a tour bus crashed near Taipei on Monday night, with television footage showing the bus careening toward a road barrier before flipping on its side. Of 44 people on the bus, 30 were pronounced dead at the scene ... ( read original story ...)