The Korean Games of Thrones

It certainly does not wish a nuclear Japan, South Korea, or Taiwan. Its party elite want business-as-usual relations with the U.S: Their kids stay in American colleges, and they keep buying safety-valve homes, from Beverly Hills to Seattle. It is said that ... ( read original story ...)

A kind of revival for Tanya Chua

“That was the lowest point for me as it deviated so much from why I went into the music business in the first place,” says Chua. Then, in 2004, she moved to Taiwan and started from scratch. She found herself a small record company, who believed in her ... ( read original story ...)

Toshiba Is Scrambling to Close $18 Billion Sale to Cover Losses

Toshiba's board will meet on Wednesday to consider offers for its chip unit from Western Digital and Taiwan's Foxconn in addition to a ... unit to cover losses from its bankrupt U.S. nuclear business Westinghouse. But it has struggled to close a 2 trillion ... ( read original story ...)

AIBA emerges unscathed after two days of ‘intensive meetings’

including the ground-breaking Year of Africa legacy project, and the five Continental Championships held earlier in the year that qualified 260 boxers for what will be the most high-profile AIBA World Championships to date, to be held in the German city of ... ( read original story ...)