Taiwan bans euthanasia of stray animals

Taiwan has banned euthanising animals in shelters, which follows the tragic suicide last year of a vet burdened with the task of putting down animals. The law came into effect Saturday, two years after it was passed by parliament -- a period meant to ... ( read original story ...)

Taipei Lantern Festival opens with 'West Side Story' theme

lighting technology has been adopted to show old historical buildings in the Xibenyuan Temple Square in the hope of reviving the area, the city government said. In the light sculpture area around the North Gate and Zhongshan Hall, the Taipei City story ... ( read original story ...)

Comics and animation festival kicks off in Taipei

A woman decorates a toy booth during the Taipei International Comics and Animation Festival in Taipei, Taiwan, Feb 2, 2017. The festival opened on Thursday, and will last until Feb 6. [Photo/Xinhua] ( read original story ...)

V Apartment

Since the house was just newly built, the condition of the house is good. Also, the house is great square, no fractional spaces, so it’s comparably easy to plan the layout. In addition, despite there is a large window, the view and natural lighting are ... ( read original story ...)