Taiwan denies political asylum request from Chinese tourist

Taiwan said on Wednesday it has rejected a political asylum application from a Chinese tourist, reportedly an anti-corruption campaigner who has spent time in a mainland prison. Zhang Xiangzhong arrived on the island on April 12 for an eight-day holiday ... ( read original story ...)

What to Do Around Taipei’s Ningxia Night Market

Here’s what to see and where to go around Taipei’s Ningxia Night Market. Taipei has become synonymous with a modern, futuristic idea of contemporary Asia. But some of its most appealing aspects have been around for decades. Take, for example, the ... ( read original story ...)

Taipei’s Top Family-Friendly Restaurants

Taipei is great for families because it offers plenty of activities both indoors and out while providing a clean, efficient metro system that’s easy to navigate — even with a stroller. In between cruising the train, floating on the Maokong Gondola and ... ( read original story ...)

Taiwan says Chinese activist agrees to return home

TAIPEI (Reuters) - A Chinese activist who had reportedly intended to seek asylum in Taiwan has flown back to China voluntarily, a Taiwan official said on Wednesday, averting a potential diplomatic confrontation. Immigration officials had apprehended and ... ( read original story ...)

Here's How to Get the Taiwan Economy Back on Course

The Taiwan economy has undergone a sea change over the past four decades. From the first seed team sent to the United States to learn integrated circuit (IC) technology in 1976, to the dense network of small personal computer (PC) component suppliers ... ( read original story ...)