Taiwan ‘is prepared to defend itself against China’

"China had to use its military force to show that it means business when telling Taiwan not to push its limits and do anything provocative." Meanwhile, China urged the U.S. to stop "unfriendly" and "dangerous" military flights after two Chinese fighter ... ( read original story ...)

Bank of Taiwan opening liaison office in Philippines

However, a representative office is not allowed to transact banking business such as acceptance of deposits, issuance of letters of credit and foreign exchange trading. The entry of Bank of Taiwan in the country still needs the approval of the Bangko ... ( read original story ...)

The Korean Games of Thrones

It certainly does not wish a nuclear Japan, South Korea, or Taiwan. Its party elite want business-as-usual relations with the U.S: Their kids stay in American colleges, and they keep buying safety-valve homes, from Beverly Hills to Seattle. It is said that ... ( read original story ...)