Smart City Expo to focus on IoT: organizers

said transforming Taipei into a smart city is a top priority. He said IoT technology will be used to construct intelligent communities in the city within two years. Taipei will be pleased to share its ideas with other cities in Taiwan and across the world ... ( read original story ...)

Taiwan-funded companies remain big players in Dongguan

Taiwan-funded companies that have invested in Guangdong province's city of Dongguan, a major manufacturing center in the Pearl River Delta, have maintained sustainable business growth there and many of them have been introducing smart solutions to cope ... ( read original story ...)

Taiwan not South China Sea could trigger war with China

THE chance of a major war breaking out in the Asian Pacific between the super powers remains a latent possibility. Instead there’s one main trigger point for conflict — Taiwan. Recent strategic shocks in the region show that the chance of military ... ( read original story ...)

Taiwan parliamentary delegation visits India, China sees red

NEW DELHI: Two days after a parliamentary delegation from Taiwan visited India, China lodged a diplomatic protest with New Delhi asking it to deal "prudently" with Taipei-related issues so as to maintain sound Sino-Indian ties. That this might happen was ... ( read original story ...)

Tour bus crashes in Taiwan, killing at least 32

TAIPEI At least 32 people were killed when a tour bus crashed near Taipei on Monday night, with television footage showing the bus careening toward a road barrier before flipping on its side. Of 44 people on the bus, 30 were pronounced dead at the scene ... ( read original story ...)