HTC's October sales hit 2nd-highest in 2016

TAIPEI--Sales generated by Taiwan's leading smartphone brand HTC Corp. (宏達電), in October hit the second-highest level so far this year, but still fell more than 12 percent from September, when the biggest revenue figure for 2016 was recorded. ( read original story ...)

China and Taiwan to Collaborate on 5G Technology Research

At cross-straits CEO summit in Xiamen city, several telecom companies from China and Taiwan announced a plan to enhance research and cooperation on fifth generation (5G) mobile network technology.(Photo : Getty Images) China and Taiwan's telecom companies ... ( read original story ...)

Taiwan Likely First Asian Country With Marriage Equality

Taiwan has a reputation as the most gay-friendly country in all of Asia -- over Halloween weekend, over 80,000 people attended Taiwan Pride-- but even there, same-sex marriage is illegal. But thankfully, that's likely to change by the end of the year. ( read original story ...)

Thoughts from Taipei: A greening city

Taiwan is constantly lauded as a solar powerhouse and a genius in recycling, but its innovation in green solutions and technologies still flies under the radar, as Hannah Koh finds out on a recent trip to Taipei. A trash bin and a recycling bin stand side ... ( read original story ...)